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The Secrets to a Successful
UX & Freelance Career.

From hustling $5 logos to working with Y Combinator and Australia’s hottest startups and global digital corporations such as Adobe. Learn all the secrets to how I’ve taken the leap to do what I love, where and whenever I want.

Whether you’re just looking to move into UX or you’re a veteran UX Designer thinking about taking the leap. This course will be perfect for you.

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    You will learn everything from:

  • How to Pitch, Price and Win Clients.
  • My Process to Smooth Sailing Projects.
  • How I Ensure I’m Paid On-time, Every Time.
  • Fundamentals of UX Design and Design Thinking.
  • Drafting User Stories to Designing for Mobile & Desktop.
  • Tools of the Trade to Make Your Life Easier.
  • How I Generate 100% of Work without Seeking Clients.
  • How to Market Yourself as a Freelancer.
  • Setting Up your Freelance Business for Maximum Profits.
  • Access to ALL my Templates, Contracts & Downloads.
  • & So Much More!



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First off I’m not claiming to be the best designer in the world. But what I am proud of is how I turned growing up in a Chinese migrant family in Australia who came here with nothing more than $100 in their pockets, into a lifestyle opportunity. The failures, the persistence and the lessons learnt has allowed me to not only work with some of the world’s most recognised brands but do what I love, where and whenever I want. I’ll be sharing all my secrets and lessons learned, to help you kickstart and maintain a successful UX and Freelance career.


A little about me

Hi friend. I’m Michael Wong (better known as Mizko) an Internationally Recognised, Freelance Product (UI & UX) Designer from Sydney, Australia.

My journey to where I am today is a little different. Growing up I had strong aspirations to become a Shaolin Monk. Yes, I watched far too many Jackie Chan and kung fu movies for my own good. However that dream was quickly forgotten when I stumbled across the world wide web.

In my early teenage years, I was an avid gamer with an entrepnuerial spark. I went from running my own gaming forum and designing $5 logos to running very, profitable affiliate campaigns. My learning experience was very hands on. I was utilising social media as a marketing channel before it became a thing. Fast forward a few years of countless hours of hustling, building more products and tinkering around on the web. I’m now a Founder (and ‘Exitter’), Product & UX Designer, Mentor, Ambassador and Influencer.

I’ve had the privledge to lead design teams and work with startups from Y Combinator, a number of Australia’s startup success stories to global digital corporations. This includes, Adobe, Westpac, Snappr (YC), Lantern (YC), PhoneWagon (NYC), Freelancer (IPO), Hipages (AUS), Spaceship (AUS) and more.
My work has also been featured on highly acclaimed press sites including TechCrunch, Business Insider, TNW, The Australian, Sydney Morning Herald and more. In 2016, I was also invited to the AdobeMAX event in San Diego as an Insider and was also responsible for hosting their Live UX show.  Following that, Microsoft invited me to join their team as a Brand Ambassador to help bring their tools closer to the creative community.


What am I doing today?

Today I’m a full-time freelancer. I spend most of my time working with high-growth startups and sharing everything I learn with 5,500+ designers through my private newsletter.

My newsletter has been the real reason why I’ve decided to write my very own UX & Freelance course. Every week I have designers from all around the world ask about where they can learn more about UX, how do they make the leap and endless career advice. What’s better than actually sharing my entire journey with you all with all the resources required? Contracts, agreements, templates you name it.


Why another UX Course?

My course will be a practical one. The way I’ve learnt has been  very hands on, battling down in the trenches. I’ve built products from scratch, I’ve worked with big corporations, I’ve worked with high-growth startups. I’ve freelanced, contracted, worked in teams and led small design teams as well. I’ll only be sharing the most valuable lessons I’ve learnt.

This is not a theory based course. No fluffy frameworks and fillers on the history of design. I promise you this course is packed with real, practical tips to a more successful UX Design & Freelancing career.

So what are you waiting for? Pre-register for your 40% off coupon when my course is ready. Unless you want to pay full price.

  • Michael Wong - Mizko Michael Wong — Author of UXLance
  • Michael Wong - Freelancing Hawaii Working Remotely from Hawaii
  • Michael Wong - AdobeMAX 2016 A dinner with the Adobe & AdobeMAX Insiders in 2016.

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